Volkswagen is pleased to announce its new up! will come with Volkswagen‘s Capped Price Service Program. The program specifies the maximum price for a designated Scheduled Service.

The introduction of the Volkswagen Capped Price Service Program affirms Volkswagen’s commitment to  assuring the up! offers owners peace of mind and outstanding value in one package. In addition to its low entry price of $13,990, up! drivers will also have the confidence of transparent ongoing running costs in the years ahead.

Encompassing a total of six years or 90,000km (whichever comes first), the Volkswagen Capped Price Service Program features one of the longest coverage periods in the market and one of the most affordable capped-price service programs in the sub light car segment.

Interval in km / months Price inclusive of GST
(whichever comes first)
15,000 or 12 months $280.00
30,000 or 24 months $280.00
45,000 or 36 months $332.50
60,000 or 48 months $369.50
75,000 or 60 months $280.00
90,000 or 72 months $332.50
Total $1,874.50

A scheduled service in the Volkswagen Capped Price Service Program includes the regular replacement of oil filters, engine oil and sump plug washer at each service interval, as well as the standard replacement of the air filter (at 45,000 and 90,000 km) and spark plugs (every 60,000km).

The Volkswagen Capped Price Service Program, together with a competitive Volkswagen Warranty and Volkswagen Roadside Assist, builds a very comprehensive service offering for the up!, already the most affordable new Volkswagen, and the most affordable 5-star ANCAP-rated car, on the market.

The Volkswagen Capped Price Service Program applies to all Volkswagen up! sold since its introduction in Australia.

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