Highest Energy Efficiency in Commercial Vehicles too –
the Transporter and the Crafter in BlueMotion

  • Transporter and Crafter BlueMotion set new standards for low consumption in their segment
  • Consistent application of BlueMotion Technologies

Hanover, 04.01.2012 – In the commercial vehicle sector, too, the combination of efficient drive technology and technical highlights, resulting in a model with outstandingly economical consumption, has a name: “BlueMotion”. Two new models of this kind are the Transporter BlueMotion and the Crafter BlueMotion. With consumption values of 6.3 and 7.0 liters, each of these two outstandingly efficient commercial vehicles by Volkswagen sets new standards in its class.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is starting the New Year with two outstanding models in their own right, in the Transporter and the Crafter series. The low consumption values of the Transporter BlueMotion and the Crafter BlueMotion set them apart. With these new additions to the range, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is introducing independent BlueMotion models in the commercial sector for the first time. They are of especial interest to fleet operators and to other customers who are particularly interested in low maintenance costs and are environmentally aware.

“With the introduction of independent BlueMotion models in the Transporter and Crafter series, we are setting new consumption standards for vehicles in purely commercial use”, says Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, spokesman for the executive board of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand and member of the board with responsibility for development. “Our customers’ interest in vehicles with low fuel consumption, low maintenance costs and high utility value is extremely important to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.”

The Transporter BlueMotion – a van with a normal roof, a 3,000 mm wheelbase and a maximum permissible gross laden weight of 2.7 tonnes – has the powerful 84 kW 2.0-TDI engine. In addition to the established Transporter BlueMotion Technology – with start-stop engine system, regenerative braking (recuperation), tires optimized for rolling resistance, tire pressure control display, plus aerodynamic measures and cruise control – the Transporter BlueMotion also has a specially adapted five-speed transmission and appropriately coordinated engine management.

Thus, thanks to the combined application of highly efficient consumption measures, the Transporter BlueMotion only uses 6.3 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, corresponding to CO2 emissions of 166 g/km. This puts the Transporter BlueMotion another 0.4 liters below the Transporter 84 kW 2.0 TDI with BlueMotion Technology – previously the model with the lowest consumption – and makes it the most economical vehicle in its class.

The Transporter BlueMotion, which can be ordered as of now, is recognizable by the “BlueMotion” plaque on the radiator grill and at the rear. Its own individual fabric is used in the interior. The Transporter is available on request in the color “Glacier Blue Metallic”, exclusive to BlueMotion models.

The new Crafter BlueMotion, for which orders can also be taken immediately, is even available in a choice of two engine variants – 80 and 100 kW. Both engines require only 7.0 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers, corresponding to CO2 emissions of only 184 g/km.

Here, too, taking as a basis a Crafter 30 van with normal roof and short wheelbase, the highly effective fuel-saving elements have been combined: start-stop system, with energy management and recuperation, tires optimized for rolling resistance, cruise control and a faster rear axle, which has the effect of reducing r.p.m.

The Crafter BlueMotion is also distinguished from other available Crafter models by the “BlueMotion” plaque on the radiator grill and at the rear, and by the use of its own individual seat fabric.

The net price for the Transporter BlueMotion in Germany starts at 25,495 Euro. Prices start at 27,895 Euro for the 80 kW Crafter BlueMotion model and at 29,075 Euro for the 100 kW version.

These two vehicles represent a significant extension to the range of BlueMotion models offered by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. As well the independent Multivan BlueMotion and the two models described here, this includes the use of BlueMotion Technologies in the Caddy, the Amarok and the numerous derivatives of the T5 and Crafter series. In the Transporter series, as for the Multivan, Caravelle and California, the range will be successively extended to include models with BlueMotion Technology for the wide range of available engines.

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