Polo GTI Claims MOTOR ‘Bang For Your Bucks’ Award Volkswagen’s mighty Polo GTI has crushed its opponents in MOTOR magazine’s annual ‘Bang For Your Bucks’ Award.

The Polo GTI was hands down the performance bargain of the year – and would have won the last five year as well ­should it have been amongst the previous years’ competitors.

“We pumped its Bang and Buck scores into our formula for the last five years and it won, every time,” the judges at MOTOR wrote.

“When we set up our formula, you were never supposed to be able to buy this much performance for just $27,990”.

The winner of the ‘Bang For Your Bucks’ Award is decided predominantly on the competitor’s ability over several categories such as speed, performance, dynamics and handling. The Polo GTI owns it success thanks to Volkswagen’s clever downsizing of the twincharged 1.4-litre TSI engine (turbo plus supercharging) and the extremely efficient 7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG).

“We are pleased the judges at MOTOR magazine appreciated the Polo GTI’s all-round­ potential and obviously its affordable performance,” said Anke Koeckler, Volkswagen Group Australia’s Managing Director.

“With the Golf GTI winning last year’s ‘Bang for Your Bucks Award’, the Polo GTI sure lives up to the legendary badge with its superior handling properties combined with uncompromising engine responsiveness and impressive safety and economy figures”.

4 Responses to “Polo GTI Claims MOTOR ‘Bang For Your Bucks’ Award”

  1. OMG! – Imagine how good a worked one would be !!!!

  2. Haha Guy, I wonder where I could go to get work done 😉

  3. handsun says:

    Too bad you have to wait over a year to buy one 🙁

  4. Yeah, a brilliant car except for the long wait (though many of us with them will say the wait is worth it!), the stupidly high oil consumption that is a globally known problem caused by piston rings yet not publicised, the squeaky supercharger clutch that afflicts many a 1.4 twincharged engine (that Ms Anke Koekler has issued a gag order over) along with fuel and A/C lines that rattle against the chassis.

    To me, that’s 3 recall notices straight up and any other vehicle company would probably issue one. VW,especially VGA? not likely, who are they to tarnish their image of quality, reliable (cough cough) vehicles. Only those of us who own modern VWs know how truly (un)reliable they are…..

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