Hannover, 18 July 2011. In the first six months of this year Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have continued to achieve steadily increasing delivery figures. Up to the end of June, Europe’s leading manufacturer of light commercial vehicles delivered 260,300 units worldwide, an increase of 29 percent in comparison with the same period last year (January to June 2010: 201,900 vehicles).

 As the Brand’s strongest seller, the T5, with its variants Transporter, Caravelle, Multivan, and California, scored 80,416 deliveries to customers worldwide (January to June 2010: 71,844; up 11.9 percent), followed closely by the Caddy at 80,101 units (January to June 2010: 61,338; up 30.6 percent).

-The Transporter is by far the unchallenged market leader in its segment, and that’s the case despite the competitive situation being really fierce, with so many new launches”, says Harald Schomburg, Member of the Board of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for Sales and Marketing.

-The new Caddy, which made its debut last year, has really made an impression on customers with its versatility, its spaciousness, and its economical engines“, says Harald Schomburg, „and it’s rapidly becoming a huge bestseller.

-A total of 17,212 vehicles from the Crafter series were delivered (January to June 2010:17,388). The market launch of the new Crafter is going full speed ahead. „We are optimistic that the new Crafter is going to win major shares of the market”, says Schomburg with confidence.

-The first six months of this year also saw 29,165 Pickup Amarok units delivered. „As from next year, the Pickup is going to be manufactured for Europe and a number of other markets here in Hannover, so that we can meet the increase in demand”, Schomburg explains. At present the company has about 31.000 orders in hand for the Amarok.

Worldwide sales on the rise

Seen as a whole, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have been gaining ground in almost every region in the world. In particular, the growth markets of Africa (+148.3 %), Asia-Pacific (+42.6 %), and Central and Eastern Europe (+52.7 %) have been particularly strong, and well above average.

One of the most vigorous growth regions for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles outside Europe has been South America, with a rise in deliveries of 38.1 percent to 68,985 vehicles. Sales figures for the Saveiro, manufactured in Brazil, rose by more than 20 percent, to 40,843 units (January to June 2010: 33,686; +21.2 percent).

Demand in Europe still on the rise

In Western Europe, sales by the Brand from January to June 2011 were up by 17.2 percent, to 142,068 units (comparable period in the previous year: 121,183). Of these, 59,664 deliveries were to the German market (January to June 2010: 56,505; + 5.6 percent). Other European markets, such as Great Britain (+16.4 percent), France (+23.9 percent) and Italy (+36.6 percent) also scored high two-figure growth rates in comparison with 2010, and in Turkey deliveries were up 56.8 percent. And in 2010 itself saw more than 50 percent more Volkswagen commercial vehicles sold than in the year before.

The overall market circumstances for light commercial vehicles are continuing to develop positively, all over the world. With our developments which are fit and ready for the future and right in line with the market, such as 4Motion or BlueMotion technologies, in all our series, our products are extremely interesting for the most widely differing customer groups. And the sales results we have achieved so far give us every confidence for the rest of the year as well”, Schomburg continues.

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