Audi Australia adds a new chapter to the Vorsprung durch Technik credo in Melbourne with a special preview of the iPad version of Audi Magazine Australia.

One of the first Audi markets outside of Germany to introduce an iPad and on-line version of its corporate title, the iPad App offers the ideal platform to showcase the very latest from Audi both in Australia and internationally.

The iPad and on-line formats allow the addition of materials not possible in a traditional publication, from motorsport and other footage, animation, interviews, sound bytes and image galleries, adding an interactive dimension to the overall experience, perfectly in keeping with company’s reputation and standing at the forefront of technological innovation.

“Leading-edge technology and innovation has always been a cornerstone of the Audi brand,” said Uwe Hagen, Managing Director of Audi Australia.

“Offering Audi Magazine Australia in this format makes perfect sense and makes the title more versatile and more accessible for a wider audience.”

While the magazine will continue to deliver the same high standard of editorial, photography and design, the ability to add streaming video, live links and interactive features afford the e-format tremendous flexibility, which, for a company like Audi fits perfectly with its brand ethos.

As with Audi’s in-car systems, navigation of the new iPad version is logical and user friendly, making full use of the iPad format through the latest design technology.

The new e-formats will serve to complement the printed version of the magazine which Audi Australia will continue to publish three times a year.

Audi Australia will offer Audi Magazine Australia in both an on-line format and as a free iPad App from July 2011.

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