Volkswagen Passat CC: Unrivalled Sustainability, Style and Class

Volkswagen Group Australia merges elegance, sophistication and sustainability in one with the release of the Passat CC 125TDI with BlueMotion Technology. Available on the 2.0 litre TDI engine, BlueMotion Technology uses Volkswagen’s innovative Start/Stop system with brake energy recuperation, offering the European manufactures most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly Passat CC to date. In addition, the highly efficient regenerative braking system is now applied to both the Passat CC 125TDI and Passat CC V6 FSI, all at no extra cost to the buyer.

BlueMotion Technology has been introduced to the TDI variant, which has been updated to provide the most economical, comfortable and powerful engine. The effective 2.0 litre diesel engine, featuring the Start/Stop system and recuperation braking as standard equipment, creates 125kW of power @ 4200 rpm while offering a significantly reduced fuel consumption of just 5.7 litres per 100km (a decrease of 0.6 litres). CO2 emission levels have also decreased to 150g/km.

The highly efficient automatic Start/Stop system is where real fuel savings are made in the Passat CC 125TDI. The system is operational through the vehicles brake pedal. When the driver depresses the brake, the engine shuts down and a Start/Stop symbol illuminates on the multifunction display. In order to move away, the driver simply releases the brake and the engine restarts automatically. The system can be deactivated through the press of a button located on the centre console, if necessary.

The regenerative braking system, introduced at the new Passat launch in April, is now applied to both the Passat CC 125TDI with BlueMotion Technology and Passat CC V6 FSI . The regenerative braking system helps to utilise energy that would otherwise be lost during braking. In deceleration and braking phases, the alternator’s voltage is boosted and used for bulk recharging of the car’s battery. Thanks to alternator control, it is possible to lower alternator voltage and even switch it off entirely, thus reducing engine load and improving fuel consumption.

Just as innovative as the powertrain technologies is the driver assistance system which can be optioned on both Passat CC models. This driver assistance system offers Volkswagen’s advanced “Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)” with Front Assist and City Emergency Brake (City EB) function. Additional optional high-end technologies include Park Assist 2 and Lane Assist. The convenience of Volkswagen’s Adaptive Chassis Control system comes standard on both the 125TDI with BlueMotion Technology and the V6 FSI models.

Combining these state-of-the-art systems with the slick styling of the Passat CC – panoramic glass roof, frameless coupé doors, 18-inch “Daytona” alloy wheels, chrome accents (interior and exterior), four ergonomic sport seats (individual seating system in rear) with Nappa leather as standard, a three-spoke leather steering wheel and automatic headlights – along with its range of unsurpassed safety features such as ESP with ABS, ASR and EDL, Volkswagen has again raised the standard in its class.

The new Passat CC 125TDI with BlueMotion Technology and Passat CC V6 FSI is now available through dealers.

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