Combining amazing fuel economy, affordability, comfort, safety and practicality for the everyday driver.

First showcased at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney last year, Volkswagen’s new, super-efficient model – Golf BlueMotion – is finally ready to prove that amazing fuel-efficiency can still be obtained in an everyday car. The Golf BlueMotion combines efficiency with comfort and equipment to create a vehicle that delivers greater economy and fewer emissions, yet performs and appears like any other Volkswagen product.

The name BlueMotion not only refers to the model, its fuel economy and emissions, but comprehensively to the whole brand: Blue is the corporate colour of Volkswagen and stands for the elements to be protected such as water and air; Motion embodies the aspect of forward, future-directed mobility with the goal to protect the earth’s resources for future generations.

The Golf BlueMotion brings an exclusive package of visual and technical measures to achieve astonishing fuel economy of just 3.8L/100km and significantly reducing CO2 emissions to only 99g/ km whilst offering the everyday comfort, safety and practicality of a well-equipped five-door hatch.

The Golf BlueMotion is equipped with an exceedingly innovative high-tech package yet is affordable for all drivers. This package includes an efficient common rail TDI engine developing 77kW of power and features several systems and modifications to optimise efficiency. These include a Start / Stop system, and a multifunction computer providing visual gear change recommendation for optimum fuel consumption. Low rolling resistance tyres are also fitted to reduce the drag of the vehicle.

The result is a competitively-priced vehicle that will match or beat hybrids currently available in the market while being conventional to drive, service and repair.

Delivering on its promise to produce class-leading vehicles which are efficient, sustainable, practical, comfortable and competitively priced, the Golf BlueMotion boasts a surplus of prestigious awards to its list of accolades including being recently awarded the overall “Green Car of the Year” by What Car? Green Awards 2010, beating eight other category winners. The Golf BlueMotion was also named best “Green Small Family Car”.

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