The Polo Gets Top Rating In Japanese NCAP Crash Testing

In Japanese NCAP testing, the Polo has been awarded the top rating of six stars plus for occupant safety. The Volkswagen performed impressively in a total of three different crash tests, and it was rated the best import vehicle on the Japanese market.

Driver and front passenger safety were tested in a frontal impact at a 55 km/h, an offset frontal impact at 64 km/h with 40% overlap and a side impact at 55 km/h with a trolley weighing 950 kg. The Polo dominated in the overall classification with top grades in all categories of occupant safety for driver and front passenger. Lower loads at the head, neck, chest, upper legs and lower legs validated the excellent safety of the Polo and brought it an additional Plus in the evaluation.

Although it did not factor into computations for the six star rating, the Polo also had good test results for occupant safety for rear-seat passengers. The Polo landed a top result, attaining level 4 out of a maximum 5.

The Polo was impressive in the braking test as well; on both dry and wet pavement it excelled with the shortest braking distances. From a speed of 100 km/h, the Polo came to a stop after just 39.5 and 40.8 metres. Additional tests were conducted on pedestrian safety and on the usability of seatbelts, and a whiplash test was performed.

Shortly after its market launch, the Polo also attained top grades with five stars in EuroNCAP for occupant, child and pedestrian safety.

The current Polo has been selling on the world market since the end of June 2009 and very successfully. Globally, over 728,000 units of the compact car have been sold.

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